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Service to the University

The Computer Science Department offers a wide range of interesting courses designed for non-technology majors. Service courses range from basic computer fluency courses that fulfill many FSU degree requirements, to relevant electives that focus on topics of contemporary interest and marketable skills. Courses for non-majors are categorized as non-programming or programming. This page lists descriptions for non-programming classes. Click here to find out about programming classes for non-majors.

Non-programming Classes

New for FALL 2010!
CGS2060 Computer Fluency

(3 credit hours)
A new approach to college-level computing education. Includes training on the most important new technologies, engaging discussion on technology-related social issues, and provides a foundational understanding of the latest digital technologies. Mac, Windows, and Linux users welcome! Available online and in a unique hybrid classroom environment.


New for FALL 2010!
CGS2100 Micro Apps for Buss and Economics

(3 credit hours)
A revised course specially designed for students in the Business career field with more advanced computer concepts and extensive training and practice in the use of Microsoft Excel.


CGS3066 Web Programming and Design

(3 credit hours)
An overview of Internet communications and information services, as well as the technologies on which the Internet and Web are built. A strong emphasis on Web design, development, and scripting with participants learning the latest tools and techniques for building professional-grade, dynamic, and interactive Web pages and sites. No prerequisite, computer literacy assumed.

CIS4360 Introduction to Computer Security

(3 Credit hours)
Prerequisite: CGS 3406 or COP 3014. Course covers computer security threats and attacks, covert channels, trusted operation systems, access control, entity authentication, security policies, models of security, database security, administering security, physical security and TEMPEST, and brief introductions to network security and legal and ethical aspects of security.


FSU's Computer Skills Requirement

Check with your academic advisor to determine which computer classes meet the requirement for your degree.

This link takes you to the Faculty Senate's web page on Computer Competency requirements for students: Faculty Senate Link

Online Classes
Online students must be able to attend two exam sessions on campus.

Register for Online classes by signing up for the section named ONLINE.

Academic Advisors

Students wishing to major in Business must take CGS2100 to satisfy that College's Computer Competency requirement.

CS Minor Requirements

CGS2060 and CGS2100 now count towards a minor in Computer Science. Check the link below to see the requirements to obtain a minor in Computer Science: Minor Requirements

Computer Science Degree Programs